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DevTool platform types, things to know about databases, starting with commas, Lobsters turns 10 & Upptime (The Changelog)
We’re listening! This week’s experimental, super-brief Monday edition of “The Changelog” has the following new features: It’s longer, there’s no background music during the stories, and it includes stories previously not featured in the newsletter. If you like this better than the last one, would li…
Mahdi Yusuf (1Password) - StaffEng
Today’s guest is Mahdi Yusuf, Tech Lead for the Server Architecture Team at 1Password. Our conversation is about what it means as well as what it takes to navigate the needs of the org, client, and staff in order to find the best path forward. We ...
Mahdi Yusuf knows being healthy is a constant struggle (Away from Keyboard #6)
Mahdi Yusuf worked a startup in his twenties and wasn’t worried too much about his health. When he quit that job, he decided to take better care of himself and lost fifty pounds. Now, he’s the CTO of Gyroscope, a startup that aims to be the operating system for the human body, but ever since joining…
Tracking your life and health with the Gyroscope app and Mahdi Yusuf
Mahdi Yusuf is the CTO of Gyroscope Innovations. They are using AI and the cloud along with ALL the sensors and health trackers that you’re already wearing to create amazing reports, visualizations, and insights into your health and your mind. How many sensors and apps already create valuable inform…
Hack To Start Ep. 99: Mahdi Yusuf, Gyroscope CTO | BetaKit
Mahdi Yusuf joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, and why focusing on your health is so critical.
New Fortune iOS App Tracks BTC, Dogecoin, Others
Fortune iOS

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Python Automation Cookbook - Second Edition | Packt
Get a firm grip on the core processes including browser automation, web scraping, Word, Excel, and GUI automation with Python 3.8 and higher