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I have been writing on this blog on and off for the entirety of my career. I have taken a break the last few (read: 7) years and deeply regret it. I hope I can capture the spirit and excitement I had when I first started this scattered journal.

I am a person who generally likes to be challenged and loves understanding things to completion. This has helped me in my career in engineering leadership and allowed me to accelerate my understanding of how systems are built. I enjoy speaking at conferences you can find all my talks here.

I have been working remotely roughly for the past seven years and worked for various internet companies. You might have heard of some of them.

I have varying interests from personal finance, scaling distributed systems, and all the way down to more common hobbies like basketball and gaming.

I have lived all over the world, but mostly find myself in Canada nowadays.

Hope you learn something from my blog and we have a chance to meet.